Golden retriever puppy


The Blazing Colours Farm family

April Wayenberg is the owner and founder of Blazing Colours Farm.  A life long equine enthusiast, April started her involvement in horses at the age of 3 and it has been a passion ever since.  She attended equine college for 4 years where she studied and graduated with two diplomas.  One in reproduction and the other in facilities management,  After completing college, April established Blazing Colours Farm with the vision of breeding coloured Warmbloods to compete in the English disciplines.  She wanted to compete in the hunters and jumpers but could not find a suitable stallion in North America.  So she looked to Europe where she found her first stallion, Mirabeau.  The first cremello warmblood stallion to be imported to North America.  Soon after she purchased Arts Aero, a pinto warmblood stallion and then Sato who incorporated coloured Thoroughbreds into the farm plans. She is passionate about the unique coloured sport horses and educating people about these horses and their abilities.  April collects stallions from the end of March through June. While foaling out her own mares in May and June, most of which are booked/sold inutero.

April, as a horsewoman, now has over 30+ years of hands-on experience in the equine industry with owning and running a farm. She is a dedicated horsewoman and takes great pride in the day-to-day care of the animals.  She is a hands-on owner who manages everything, part of which includes the feed program, turnout, training, collection of stallions, foaling out mares, sales, medical needs and all the farm day to day organization.  She has a keen eye and her attention to detail is second to none.  She has an incredible ability to understand horses and use their strengths to her benefit. Building confidence, willingness and trust in horses is very important for a successful future, 

After 25 years in the equine industry, April decided to add in a new wing at Blazing Colours Farm where the heritage poultry operation was hatched!  Of course with her flare for unique and unusual it could not be any of the commericial poultry breeds.  9 unique breeds were chosen for their different coloured eggs and rarity.  One of the barns has been converted for the poultry operation.  This business has grown very quickly which keeps April hatching from January through May.  Unlike many poultry operations, Aprils birds get 6 months off to free range outside,  Their quality of life is very important, unlike the commericial operations.

And finally April has decided to add in some furry friends which reside in her home. French Bulldogs have been the most recent addition to her passion in producing unique animals on the farm.  Of course they could not be the common or standard type which most of you have seen.  They come in less common colours and with fluffy (long hair coats).  She has also sought out dogs who have been DNA health tested to ensure she produces healthy puppies for their new families.  She also wants to produce active dogs which can fit in around a busy farm life which she lives!   Many breeders of this breed do not do this health testing so finding them was not a walk in the park.  But they are here :) and the first liter is expected November 2023.   April has been a life long adopter of rescue dogs.  It is a great feeling to give a dog with no home a place to lay its head down but with the rescue dogs she has adopted, there have always been issues.  Dedicated to them, she has always loved them and kept until old age (all living into their teens).  Now April has come to a point in her life where she would like to enjoy home raised dogs and be able to provide these to other people as well.  Much of the equine training with respect to breeding and ultrasounds rolls right over.